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*We strongly recommend travel insurance to all travellers. We recommend that traveller take out an insurance policy as soon as your tour deposit is paid.

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*Please provide us with a photocopy of your passport information page for ticketing purposes. (All information you submit to us will remain strictly confidential)
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Bank Name: Commonwealth Account Name: JLB Group Pty. Ltd. BSB: 063 777 Account Number: 1027 2035

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  • If submitted by one party only, I confirm that I am authorised to sign on behalf of all passengers listed on this reservation form
  • All parties have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms, booking conditions and responsibilities
  • All parties understand that if names are not provided as per passport, additional re-issue fees will apply
  • All persons named on this form are fit and physically able to partake unaided in their chosen group tour as per the itinerary outlined in the Tour Information
  • All persons named on this form who are travelling on a ¡§Fully Independent Tour¡¨ are fit and physically able to partake unaided in their chosen itinerary
  • All parties acknowledge the physical demands and hazards involved in the tour they will be undertaking and have chosen to participate at their own risk
  • All parties understand that any medical or dietary information provided to Expedition Exclusive does not, under any circumstance, make Expedition Exclusive liable if a particular condition exacerbates while on tour or affects their ability to participate in any portion of the tour

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